Classical rating is evaluation of ability and readiness of the entity to fulfill its obligations to its clients and investors in full and in specified time.

SAIPRO, Uzbek consulting company, within the framework of the pilot project rates the insurance companies of Uzbekistan according to criteria that determine their financial stability and reliability. The difference between the SAIPRO’s methods and international analogues is that the national scale of evaluations is specifically oriented on the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Informational and rating agency SAIPRO rated “ASIA INSHURANS” LLC IC at level “uzA+” (very high financial reliability) for its business activity carried out in 2016.

Asia Inshurans’s rate is defined by substantial growth of the volumes of insurance premiums and insurance contracts, low level of insurance portfolio unprofitability, business activity growth, capitalization level, net profit and profitability indicators.   

The company with “uzA+” rate is considered to be the company having high level of reliability in comparison with other national insurance companies, and characterized with sufficiently positive results of financial and insurance activity. The company is able to fully and completely fulfill financial obligations in the short-term perspective in comparison with other insurance companies.